Changing the Game in Procurement for 20yrs
As the business founder, Nathan’s extensive hospitality and product solution knowledge, helps us steer the industry forward by delivering an industry leading experience for our ever-growing PurchasePlus community. Nathan champions a new buyer seller ecosystem and simply a better way for all to digitally transform and streamline their procurement processes, that optimises interactions for all to grow their bottom line.
Nathan Gyaneshwar - Founder
The PurchasePlus Origin Story
Learn how PurchasePlus was born and how it came to be what it is today.
Meet our Leadership Team
Dedicated to the success of our buyers, suppliers and employees.
Malcolm Jull
Karny Dhah
Head of Finance
Drew Nixon
Head of Customer Success
Peter Hubbard
Head of Product
Created for the Hospitality Market
We have specialists from hotel management to hospitality, procurement, technology and software. We’ve been on your journey, we’ve lived your challenges. That’s how we can design the best solutions to take your business forward in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.
We Do It for Our Customers
Creating value for our clients worldwide in the Travel, Leisure and Hospitality industries.