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Product Updates
January 20th 2023
Update to Recipes and Recipe Transfers
As part of our ongoing platform improvements, we're pleased to announce changes to our Recipes feature and our Recipe Transfers feature. This will result in a fantastic improvement to Recipe functionality, enabling you to more precisely control the creation of new Stock Items in your Inventory when decrementing your Recipe Ingredients via a Recipe Transfer.
Product Updates
November 7th 2022
Announcing the New PurchasePlus
We're pleased to announce the New PurchasePlus, our new and improved platform! Staying cloud-based and moving in the direction that your business is heading, more digital, intuitive and easy to use whilst providing the accountability, control and purchasing efficiency that you expect to help run your hospitality business. Come and see what we've been working on.
September 26th 2022
PurchasePlus Tutorials
We've recently created a set of tutorials with our Key Account Manager Nathan Broadhead. These 6 simple tutorials cover the core functionality of our PurchasePlus platform. PurchasePlus is the most advanced solution for hospitality procurement globally today. It’s the only End-To-End e-procurement in the world, and not only that, it delivers extra tools such as Paperless Invoicing, Inventory Management with POS and AP system integrations, rebates and budget modules.
Product Updates
July 9th 2022
Q2 2022 Release Notes
Our very first release notes summary on our brand new website. We've recently published our website (you're on this site right now). We've now fully embraced PurchasePlus as the name of our company, not just the name of our platform. We're also working on a new version of our PurchasePlus product, click to read more about our plans.
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