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Frequently Asked Questions
What is PurchasePlus?
PurchasePlus is an Enterprise Procurement platform and Purchaser Supplier marketplace. We help Purchasers buy the right products from the right Suppliers at the right price. Our goal is to ensure that Purchasers buy better and Suppliers sell smarter. Because we work with both Purchasers and Suppliers, our software is made to improve procurement processes and outcomes for everyone; from hotel owners, staff and guests, to product suppliers.
Is it free to register my Organisation?
For Suppliers, fees are structured as either a 1% or 2.5% commission on goods sold to Purchasers on PurchasePlus. For Purchasers, there is an annual licence fee for some but not all of our services. We will discuss these options with you during the registration process.
How long does the registration process usually take?
After gathering some simple setup information from you and depending on the level of Supplier engagement required, the process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. During this time our onboarding specialists will ensure that your Organisation is setup correctly, and you have access to the services that you need. From here our engagement team work to connect Purchasers to Suppliers and vice-versa, so both parties can begin trading as quickly as possible.
How do I register as an individual user at my Organisation?
Once your Organisation has been registered, an administrator at your Organisation can create a user account for you. If you or your system administrator require assistance with this, please view our help article here, or contact us.
Which countries or regions can use PurchasePlus?
Currently PurchasePlus is serving Buyers and Suppliers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and most countries in Asia and the Middle-East. We can easily support any additional countries in the world, as needed. If you would like to begin using PurchasePlus in a new region, please contact us and we will arrange this with you.
With over 10,000 paperless invoices being received each month, our hotels are reporting a range of operational benefits.
PurchasePlus has improved processes and decreased storage requirements and paper consumption, and improved internal controls.
Darren Pike
eCommerce Manager and Project Lead, Accor Global