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Announcing the New PurchasePlus
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Published November 7th 2022
Malcolm Jull, CEO
We're excited to announce the New PurchasePlus, our new and improved platform. Staying cloud-based and moving in the direction that your business is heading, more digital, intuitive and easy to use whilst providing the accountability, control and purchasing efficiency that you expect to help run your hospitality business.

Over the coming months we will be reaching out to all of our customers as we gradually release each module of New PurchasePlus. You'll be able to access our existing platform or our new platform interchangeably, at your discretion. We’re creating a new way to experience PurchasePlus, while keeping all of your data identical and consistent across both interfaces.

More than just an update of our user interface, our strategy is to make New PurchasePlus so easy that formal lengthy training is a thing of the past. Explicit processes for success included at every point of the user journey. Purchasing, approving, and soon also goods receipting, invoice control, stocktake, inventory and beyond will be easy to do from any device, at any location, at anytime. Continuing to allow you to buy the right product, from the right supplier, at the right price.
Who Can Use the New PurchasePlus?
Our Customer Success team will reach out to your organisation to get you setup on New PurchasePlus. Once setup, you can visit to access the New PurchasePlus. Use your current PurchasePlus email address and password when signing in, and once signed in, you'll be able to access the New PurchasePlus, as well as the existing PurchasePlus platform (over here on
Powerfully simple. Users at your organisation can create a Purchase Requisition directly from the dashboard of New PurchasePlus.
Modern and Simple
Based on extensive user research, we’ve added new ways to create Requisitions. You can now shop from all your Supplier’s catalogues at the same time, use Favourites, Buy Lists and Single Suppliers. Advanced Purchasing methods retain detailed control for expert purchasing managers. Everything about New PurchasePlus is mobile friendly, simple and modern, with a focus on product innovation. Your users can access their account from any mobile, tablet or desktop device. No need to install any apps, the New PurchasePlus works directly in the browser on the device of your choice.
We've added new Tile and List Views to make creating a Requisition as simple as shopping online.
Easy Approval Workflows
Approve or Decline Requisitions submitted by any user at your organisation, on any desktop or mobile device. Set customised workflows from simple auto-approvals, through to complex multiple-level approvals. View, Approve or Decline any Purchase Requisition on your Awaiting Approval list while you’re on the move. You can also approve or decline directly from each Approval Notification Email, without needing to sign in.

On desktop and mobile you’ll be provided with confirmation of your approval decision, along with other important information about the status of the Requisition. Take care of everything on your Awaiting Approval list no matter what device you’re on, or where you are.
New PurchasePlus has been designed for use on any desktop or mobile device.
The Future Looks Bright
We're gradually making all of our existing features available in the New PurchasePlus. With the operating environment for hospitality becoming increasingly digital and the resource challenges across the industry placing more pressure on teams to do more with less the tools and systems used in hotels, parks, centres and resorts needs to be ever more intuitive and easy. We took a good hard look at how our customers use our existing tools, where they use them, and how often. Understanding the evolving and specific needs for our multiple users allowed our Product Visionary Peter Hubbard to reimagine our user interface.

Built from the ground up, the New PurchasePlus is completely cloud-based and device agnostic, working on mobile, tablet and desktop easily and simply. We heard how important it was to access your contract deals and your local suppliers and how for many of the team for whom purchasing is just part of their role being able to compliantly purchase, submit for approval and have the goods and services needed to keep your property operating needs to be really easy. So with New PurchasePlus it is. Taking existing functionality and making it simpler, and introducing new ways to do things all with you, our customer in mind.
A sneak peak into the future. We're gradually adding all of our product modules to New PurchasePlus.
Download Product Overview to Learn More
Please download our New PurchasePlus product overview to see more of the New PurchasePlus.
Introducing the New PurchasePlus.pdf
For any questions, please contact us please contact us via email on or phone us on +61 2 8215 7133.