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PurchasePlus Tutorials
Published September 26th 2022
Nathan Broadhead, Key Account Manager
Hello and welcome, I'm Nathan Broadhead, Key Account Manger here at PurchasePlus is the most advanced solution for hospitality procurement globally today. It’s the only End-To-End e-procurement in the world, and not only that, it delivers extra tools such as Paperless Invoicing, Inventory Management with POS and AP system integrations, rebates and budget modules.  Our goal with these tutorials is to educate and inform our buyers and suppliers about the main features available on our platform. These videos will help everyone from new starters to advanced users, supporting you to make the best of the most powerful and complete e-Procurement solution available today!
1. Purchase Requisition to Invoice
This tutorial covers the fully integrated procure to pay system. It is a system overview that will help you to raise a Purchase Requisition, get it approved and turned into a Purchase Order, send the Purchase Order to the supplier and then received to Purchase Order with matching Invoice.
2. Buy Lists and Self-Managed Catalogues
Buy Lists are a collection of items that you regularly order your favourite items. In this video, I'll show you how to create and update your Buy Lists to make your ordering faster.  Furthermore, you'll learn how dynamic trading happens in the Buy Lists with multiple quotes showing on your products, ensuring you receive the best price.
3. AStore
Astore Shop is a fascinating project development thanks to a highly successful partnership between PurchasePlus and Accor Group. A simple ordering platform, e-commerce inspired design tool that contains product images, information and much more! It’s a 1 click approval via desktop, mobile phone or tablet.
4. Paperless Invoicing
One of our most important problem solving modules, paperless invoicing will make procurement much easier for hotels. Here you will understand how electronic Invoices are received into PurchasePlus. Also, you will learn how invoice details are mapped and matched to your Purchase Orders.
5. Stocktake on Mobile
In order to make stock management more practical, we have introduced different features that allow your mobile device to connect with PurchasePlus. Now you can count stock as part of your stocktake process using the mobile stocktake app. Counts are immediately synced to the PurchasePlus enterprise system.
6. Inventory and Connectivity
This is an Inventory module overview explaining that will teach you how to hold, transfer and count stock. It shows the ability to raise, approve and transfer stock from one outlet to another using internal requisitions.
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